STARCADE Game Questions


US release date: 1982

Manufacturer: Atari Inc.

Type: Strategy game

Theme: You are a dauntless miner feverishly digging tunnels to dodge or destroy the precocious Pooka or the ferocious Fygar. Along the way, munch on a few veggies and don't forget to use that air pump. It's messy but effective. You are the Dig Dug man.

Players: 1 or 2 alternating

1. In the game Dig Dug, Fygar is what?

A. A ferocious dragon OR B. The name of the Dauntless Miner

2. How many veggies per round in the game Dig Dug?

A. 1 OR B. 3

3. Where does the game Dig Dug take place?

A. On the ocean floor OR B. Underground

4. What is one of the ways you can destroy monsters in the game Dig Dug?

A. Pumping them full of air until they explode OR B. Zapping them with a beam of light


Official Dig Dug Pin

Given away as a prize with ten other official game pins for Atari games.